Vex Robotics

Vex Robotics introduces older children (aged 14 through 18) to the study of robotics, encouraging them to enter careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Working in teams, Vex participants build and program robots to complete both autonomous and driver-controlled actions.

This year’s activity, Skyrise, requires that students build a robot to work collaboratively with another team to score points on the game board and keep the opposite alliance from scoring against them.

The Haslett Robotics Club current sponsors three VEX teams: two junior high teams (the VEX Dragons and the VEX Minotaurs) and two high school teams (the VEX Raptors and the VEX Vortex).

Awards and Accomplishments, 2014-2015

Coaches: Claus Buchholz, Kim Schramm, Mike Scott

VEX Dragons
Winner: Tournament Champion; Winner: Robot Skills; Qualified for state championship (Big MO Vex Qualifier, 11/22/14)
Winner: Robot Skills; Overall Semifinalist (Grandville Qualifier, 10/25/14)

VEX Minotaurs
Overall Finalist (Grandville Qualifier, 10/25/14)

VEX Raptors
Winner: Design Award; Semifinalist (Cass Tech Tournament, 11/22/14)
Winner: Design Award; Second place: Programming; Overall Finalist (Grandville Qualifier, 10/25/14)
Winner: Excellence Award. Qualified for state championship (CenterLine VEX Tournament, 8/23/14)

VEX Vortex
Winner: Excellence Award; Seeded first place; Qualified for state championship; Overall Finalist (Grandville Qualifier, 10/25/14)

Awards and Accomplishments, 2013-2014

VEX Dragons (Coach: Claus Buchholz. Assistant Coach: Mike Scott)
Winner: Build Award (State Championship)

VEX Raptors (Coach: Claus Buchholz. Assistant Coach: Kim Schramm)
Winner: Excellence Award (State Championship)
Advanced to World Championship
Winner: Excellence Award (World Championship)

VEX Vortex (Coach: Claus Buchholz)
Advanced to World Championship
Placed 56th in Math Division (World Championship)


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