FLL Update: Nearing Qualifiers and Fall Open House!

The FLL season has been underway since late August, it’s hard to believe our first competition is one month away!

All of our members have been learning to program our new EV3 robots to complete the challenges for the season. All coaches agree–this is the most challenging board yet! Our members have been learning advanced programming techniques, including the use of sensors to navigate this board. Here’s a pic of the challenge field, laid out on our four new practice boards!


Competitive Teams

Our members have been working hard to create a technological innovation related to this year’s theme (World Class). They’ve been meeting with experts and getting feedback, and are working on how to best present their innovations to the judges.

Recreational Teams

Coach Angela has been working with our recreational teams to build stories about their experiences and insights into technology and education. They will be sharing these online and at our fall open house using the Storify web site. They’re coming up with some great ideas! We’ll keep you posted as their work progresses.

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